Milanese Nwas



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"Sancristoforo seems to be proposing a new language but allowing the computer to have final input." A Closer Listen

"These sonic worlds may have been machine-generated, but they reflect a very human delight in ornament and sensual stimulation." Avant Music News

"Milanese Nwas sounds as though it’s figuring out existence all by itself, standing as an authentic, thoroughly immerse act of A.I. puppetry." ATTN:Magazine

"An absolute celebration of spirit." Beach Sloth

"Experimental music with feet well planted in the present." Soundwall

on air on: JetFM, The Irrelevant Show, Crow Versus Crow, Parachute

Milanese Nwas is the sound of weightless bytes, carefully weaved to accompany the listener into a realm of self-generated paradoxical melodies. It’s music freed from the heaviness of pulse, liberated from the dictatorship of sequences and the weight of measurement.
Each track lives, like insects and plants, as if autonomous agents of a digital biosphere taken control of the computer and created a collection of aural epiphanies.
Working with custom designed softwares and advanced digital synthesis techniques, OOAME builds a self evolving micro-world of augmented harmonies in which the composer’s will acts as a mean of observation, rather than control, focusing on details of a larger and everchanging autonomous process. 

Delicacy and fragility merge with pulverized melodies, fractional phrases and quasi conscious noise bursts, giving life to the Nwas concept (“noise” pronounced in French). Milanese Nwas is an experimental act of investigation of self-organizing art, searching for emotion and poetry in the silicon mind: a journey in the beauties of an impalpable artificial wildlife.

Written and Produced by Giorgio Sancristoforo in Milan on April/May 2017