A Long Travel For The Space


A Long Travel For The Space

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"A different vision of music, far away from the concepts of band, voice, traditional instruments ...

...going in a spatial-temporal dimension not so easy to define. An interesting and definitively innovative experiment" Loudvision

"A Long Travel For The Space" seems remote from other influences and therefore sounds rather special Leonard's Lair

A trip to the emotions, transferred in music by Gouthy during his little, big travel. But also some sounds and tracks which appeared on his Myspace as of late, and some other hints for a personal trip. The album is a visual illusion about little dreams, following the more underground indietronic style, and it is an illusion about the mix of classical instruments and drum machines. Gouthy does use many samples, but the synth melodies talk about the mistery of this music, which can mix different visions in an emotional trip. The tracks are composd almost as from a domestic melodic session. That's Gouthy's his own vision...

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