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"Who is the audience for this? Fans of the quieter side of jamband rock, the contemplative side of jazz, the rich Italian folk tradition, or simply the kind of music you can drift away to on a sunny Saturday morning." New York Music Daily

on air on Battiti

“Brightelephant” is a collection of sinking, memories, human bodies, battleships and battlekisses. And elephants, of course. Each of the 7 pieces in it is as abstract as it is concrete. Old-fashioned sounds for modern, turmoil, times. Halting, skeletal and serious-less chamber music for irrational listeners.


Matteo Fiorini: acoustic guitar, ukulele, banjo, percussions, lapsteel guitar.
Domenico Peluchetti: acoustic bass, bouzuki.
Erica Polini: violin
Captured “goodthefirst” mixed and mastered by Piero Villa, at Rumore Bianco, Esine (BS) – Italy during February 2013.

Creative Commons BY-NC-ND