Kristijan Simić

(Pančevo, Serbia)

 Kristijan Simić

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Remix Eye Movements

Remix Eye Movements

      Kristijan Simić is born on august 9 in year 2000. Since early age he shows big interest in music, experimenting with electric piano, kaossilator, metalofon, synth and guitar. His first piano improvisations were recorded at the age of 5. One year later he plays Bach's Toccata in D-minor. He also enters in music school for one year, playing violin under Professor Vojkan Popović and the next year playing piano under his aunt, Professor Marija Ligeti Balint – pianist, harpsichordist and composer.


      He performed in Kulturni Centar of Pančevo on the main stage with his cousins Atila and Robert Balint, a piece for 6 hands composed by Marija, as a part of the project Fantazije zelene sobe (Fantasies of the Green Room) by Milena Tomić, musician and costume designer. In the same year of 2008, Kristijan took part at the Donne in Musica piano competition in Kragujevac, winning the first prize. After that, he performed in Kulturni Centar, Belgrade, at the  concert of all the winning performers of the competition that year.  In the year of 2009, he took part at the Piano competition for 4 and 6 hands in Trstenik,  where he performed again together with Atila and Robert a piece composed by Marija called Čarobnjak (The Wizzard) for piano 6 hands,  and a piece by Kitaro called Koi in Melinda Ligeti's arrangement for 6 hands. They were the laureates in their category. In the year 2012, they repeated this performance in the Main Concert Hall of Faculty Of Music, Belgrade, during the workshop of professor Dragan Šobajić, under the subject of Methodic of Piano Teaching, intertwined with the presentation of Marija's book Pančevačka klavirska muzika.


     Kristijan's five years old voice was used by his mother Melinda Ligeti (composer/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist) for the electro-ambient composition Landscape Of A New Born Planet, released on Acustronica 7 years later, as an opening title of her solo album Paspreture. Melinda composed another piece dedicated to Kristijan - A Smile Of Our Baby, for piano in 6 hands, commissioned by Marija Ligeti Balint. Kristijan's main instrument remains the guitar, that he starts playing at the age of 12, getting first hints of techniques from both his father Nenad Simić (architect, musician), and Melinda's husband Norman Baiocchi (songwriter/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist), evolving fast as an interpretator as well as composer.


     He formed 2 bands with the help of the family and friend musicians playing covers in Drops Of Goulash, and original music in Flatland, performing concerts in Dom Omladine, Pančevo and Apolo, Pančevo.


      In the year 2013 he was a guest musician to Sétamùr Duo (Norman Baiocchi & Melinda Ligeti) on 2 concerts of ambient music in Bagni San Filippo, Italy, and also on several concerts of Melinda Ligeti Trio ft. Sétamùr, during the Serbian Summer Tour, in jazz club Čekaonica, Belgrade; Leila Records & Books Store, Belgrade; Foyer of Kulturni Centar, Pančevo.


     In summer of 2014, Kristijan performed with Melinda and Norman at the Campiglia Summer Festival, Italy, playing hybrid ambient improvisation, which was recorded and prepared for relasing under the title Kristijan, Melinda & Norman – Explorers.


     He participated in the international remix project of Sétamùr - Remix Eye Movement where he used synths to make his own personal touch to one of the pieces composed by Norman Baiocchi from the original album Rapid Eye Movement, both released on Acustronica netlabel. Remix Eye Movement was selected by the City of Pančevo as an important cultural project, and it was given a financial support for releasing the physical edition that was promoted on December 30, 2014.


     Besides music, Kristijan is showing his talents in visual arts as well.  At the age 8 he participated with computer edited drawings of his, entitled PA i JA, at the international biennal of children art, BUDI-08, organized by Kulturni Centar, Pančevo, handling the theme of growing up in the city, and the relationship between adults and children.


     At age 10, he made a short video clip under the title The End Of Snail, inspired by and using the excerpt of the song The End Of Never, composed by Norman Baiocchi, later vocally edited by Melinda.


    Kristijan appears also as a baby model in the architectural conceptual work The Portrait Of Our Child by Nenad Simić, which won an award at the international ideas competition Design of a European Embassy and has been exhibited in the European Parliament in Brussels during summer of 2001.

artist photo by Nenad Simić
edited by Melinda Ligeti