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“Music is the synthesis of what we know and what most hidden lies.
It reveals the essence of existence itself. It is the mother of all contrasts.
By juxtaposing opposite elements, it creates life.
Through the chaos, as in the dialogue between the fundamental elements - Water, Air, Fire and Earth -, Music reaches a vital and vibrant balance.
This balance is the seed and the driving force of the Real, since the Real is made of Music.
Also within the Man there is a contrast between opposites, because he desperately strives for balance and, going deeper and deeper into himself, he gets to the knowledge of his own being.
This is strongly expressed by these almost primordial sounds.”

Giada Matteoli

This suite in 6 parts was composed as a musical comment to the collective exhibition held at Castello Aldobrandesco in Arcidosso (GR) during ALTERAZIONI 2011 – Festival of visual and musical arts -. "Contemporaneity looking towards the future goes perfectly with ancient walls, witnesses of a past which is never the same as the present time nor as what lies behind. Heterogeneous artists are confronted with each other, suspended in another dimension which becomes homegeneous all in a sudden. Past becomes future. Opposites realize to be equals." Therefore, we tried to re-create a path where opposite balances would musically dialogue, so to leave them to the narration illustrated by painter Giada Matteoli.


Music composed by Misdea
Paintings and visuals by Giada Matteoli
Recorded and mixed on June 2011 at Setaroom Studio, Abbadia San Salvatore (Si), by Mike Marchionni
Mastered by Stefano Pintus

Creative Commons BY-NC-ND