The Man Without a Hat

Sergi Boal

The Man Without a Hat

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"An auditory masterpiece" The Voice Magazine

"A much more than interesting project" mMusic

This work is meant to be a soundtrack of an imaginary film.
Under the name The Man Without a Hat, it is hidden the artist Sergi Boal ( sound designer, composer and guitar player)
Sergi Boal is known by his work and compositions like a contemporary guitarist, but since the was commissioned for the composition of the short Film Clodette ( Imminent Productions), composed for cello and guitar, Sergi Discovered the possibilities of the composition for other instruments. The result were 9 songs, after an intense year of composition during 2013. The songs were recorded in his little studio Nuvol and Sound (http://www.nuvolandsound.com) in Barcelona, Spain.
Under this name, The Man Without a Hat, Sergi Boal is able to show a part of his imagination, but you could listen some of the characteristics of his music travel: the intend to convert the music in a not structured song, some kind of improvisation, and the visual images through the sounds.
All songs composed by Sergi Boal,

All instruments played by Sergi Boal ( Piano,Electronics, Guitars)

Recorded and mixed by Sergi Boal at Nuvolandsound Productions.

Mastered by Hector Xiquès at OnaSound Studios , Barcelona

Cover illustration and Design by Patricia Figueroa based on photographs by Marc Henauer


(facebook: Patricia Figueroa Fine Arts)